• Harbor After School Program


    The Harbor After School Program, sponsored by the Grays Harbor YMCA, is up and going. We are pleased to be able to work with the YMCA to provide this opportunity for our students. The program is free to McCleary students. For the 2016-17 year we will host the program on Monday through Thursday until 5:00pm.

    If you are considering enrolling your child into the program, please review and print the two following documents.  There may be a waiting list so please turn in the application and talk with the office on availability.

    1) Program Application -  This should be completed and returned to our office prior to attendance.

     2 Behavior Expectations -  This document should be reviewed prior to your child beginning.

    This year's program will continue to support both academic and extended learning opportunities for our students. We are looking forward to an engaging and fun year. Please contact the office with questions.