• Conferences Were a GREAT SUCCESS

    Posted by Cheryl Weisenberger on 11/5/2016

    Hello Parents and Guardians,

    I just wanted to say thank you again to all of you that showed for conferences. I had all but 3 parents come to conferences and I could not be more thrilled with the turnout. It is such an important step to be involved with your child's growth in learning and it is apparent that McCleary parents take that job very seriously. What an incredible visit I had with you all. It was very fortunate that so many of you brought your students with you to the conference. That is my personal preference and when the student is with you it allows me to share with both of you the status of where they are in their learning and citizenship progression.

    I couldn't be more proud of my class at this time. They have progressed rather quickly with their reading/writing and spelling and their deeper understanding of phonics is becoming obvious with each weeks grades. The vocabulary building we have been doing is going very strong. Students have been using their spelling dictionaries diligently as well as their penmanship packets and this is proving to be beneficial in so many other areas. The best part is when I see them take out their dictionaries during work time and they are actually using it to spell the words in their essays without being asked any longer.

    They love science and math more than I ever thought they would at this age. We are moving more into social skills and science in the coming months as well as art. Miss Lormor, my EA(Educational Assistant) spends a major portion of the day in our room. Her and I together are planning for some great art projects for the holidays and look forward to parents visiting soon.

    Since all the students are now trained with classroom routines, schedules, specials out the room that they attend, special extra services some of them go to, we can now start having parents visit the classroom. We currently have 2 moms that are involved and supporting our classroom with extra services, like PTA, extracurricular activities having to do with school. If you interested in visiting the classroom regularly, helping our room mothers out with planning, activities or just want to come for a one time visit please email me at: cweisenberger@mccleary.wednet.edu.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    -Miss Weisenberger


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  • Miss W, Gone, Halloween, Conferences

    Posted by Cheryl Weisenberger on 10/25/2016

    Greetings Parents and Guardians,

    Miss Weisenberger Will Be Gone for 3 Days

    I am sorry but I will be gone for 3 days instead of 2. It appears my oral surgery on Monday was a bit more serious than previously thought. Please reassure your child that the same substitute will be there for 3 days straight. I will see them all Thursday. They may bring goodies and/or wear costumes on Friday this week. Nothing is planned. Please come by and read a book with your kiddo. All are welcome to stop by. It will be very casual. From 1:00-2:30 we will be chilling out enjoying the holiday of Halloween.

    Conferences, Blue and Orange Slips

    Then we start conference week the following week. Please return your blue slips to confirm or not the time we set up based on your orange slip you returned. If you did not return an orange slip, we fit you wherever there was an opening. Please let me know right away if this time will not work for you.

    Blue Slip, H-Folder, Backpack

    IF you did not receive the blue slip check your child's/student's Purple H Folder in their backpack. If it is not there, they are breaking a huge rule. They should have that in their backpack at all times for communication purposes. All papers from me to you all and vice versa are suppose to go in the H Folder. Please have your child explain the process of coming home and taking papers out and giving them to you and then the H FOLDER going RIGHT BACK IN THE BACKPACK. Not all of the students are performing this part of the routine. Can you please help them with that.

    Coats - Coats - Coats

    Happy Fall and very soon Winter. PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD with a COAT, as well as a jacket they may normally wear. The days are getting very unpredictable and stormy and they need a coat at school everyday please. Just a sweatshirt is not enough please. Thank You for Helping Me Ensure they are Safe and Dry.

    Happy Halloween

    Miss Weisenberger

    Class Website: Please visit and find helpful information for everyday things we are doing in the classroom and the school.

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  • New Book Orders Coming Due

    Posted by Cheryl Weisenberger on 10/23/2016

    New Book Orders that were sent home about a week ago are due back by October 23 for placing the classroom order. Remember if you want to order online, please use our classroom code so you can ship your books directly to your child's classroom with no shipping fee included. Also, using our code helps us buy more books for our classroom library. Please send cash in a sealed envelope or ziploc baggy for placing orders through Miss Weisenberger. This makes the ordering process far easier. Our classroom code is listed under the SCHOLASTIC link on Miss Weisenberger's webpage. There is other information you may find helpful there.


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    Posted by Cheryl Weisenberger on 10/23/2016

    BLUE CONFERENCE SLIPS NEED RETURNED PLEASE - Conferences November 1, 2, and 3rd.

    The blue conference slips CONFIRM that you either can or can not make the scheduled time that was made for your child's conference with the teacher. Please return them ASAP to Miss Weisenberger so we can finalize conference times. Thank You.

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  • Halloween Activities

    Posted by Cheryl Weisenberger on 10/23/2016

    As for Halloween, it will be a tight fit with Conferences scheduled the week of that holiday. I am also having oral surgery Monday, October 24th and taking the 25th off as well. We will be gathering in the classroom from 1:00-2:30, on Friday, October 28th for goodies and a nice visit for those with parents/guardians coming in. As for treats, feel free to bring anything for the class. Cupcakes, juice, other Halloween treats or just bring yourself. It will be very relaxed. Kids are welcome to wear their costumes to school that day or bring them to change into later in the day. My class has no specials on Friday, so that will work perfectly. Happy Halloween everyone.

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  • Needed: Old Large men's shirts

    Posted by Cheryl Weisenberger on 10/23/2016

    Needed: Old Large men's shirts that we can trim sleeves on for painting.

    You will not get these returned. They will be used to cover the artists everyday clothes.


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  • Book Orders are ON THE WAY!

    Posted by Cheryl Weisenberger on 10/9/2016


    The book orders are on the way. We had a small snafu with the first order of the year with me setting up a new account and Scholastic has helped me fix the online problem now.

    Please send cash for your kids books if you are not ordering online. It makes it easier for me to place the order online with my CC and not have to mail anything.

    IF you need the online code for our class there is a Scholastic Link on my webpage that you can go to along with the link.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at cweisenberger@mccleary.webnet.edu


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  • Changes, H-folders, Backpack and Coats

    Posted by Cheryl Weisenberger on 10/9/2016

    Classroom Routines/Changes

    Wow, so much is happening for us this past few weeks. Our routines are really running smooth now. We have Specials (Other classes: Technology, Music, PE and Library) M-Thursday and on Fridays, we work on Science and Social Skills in addition to ELA (English Language Arts). The students understand the expectations and are performing very well now. This week, we have a new student coming in and there will be a bit of adjustment but the class and I have already discussed the changes that will happen and we are dedicated to working together to make our new classroom student feel welcome and comfortable.


    H Folders - (Purple Folder) That goes home each day in the students' backpacks

    The H Folders that are in your child's backpack or should be - are the communication folder to send papers home and for students to bring other things back to school in. The students have been trained to take them home each night, take the work/papers/notes out and give them to parents and guardians. If your kiddo does not have his or her H Folder (purple folder) in their backpacks, they need to get it there every night. Any communications you have for me or the school should be put back into them. A few of my students have taken them out at home and not put them back in. Please make sure they do that and that you check their H folders each day. Thank You Parents and Guardians.


    Backpacks and Coats Please

    Some students are forgetting their backpacks and coats each day. I ask that you make sure your kiddo has both of these items each day they go to school. I have several students not wearing or bringing a coat or jacket every day. The days are getting colder and much wetter. Please make sure you send them with one Every Day! Cold and Flu season are here and if we can keep them warm and dry, we have less chance of the class getting sick.

    Thank You for your Help with this.


    Miss Weisenberger

     Backpacks to School Please  



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  • Book Fair Going Strong

    Posted by Cheryl Weisenberger on 9/19/2016

    Yep, our book fair has something for everyone. I noticed a lot more male subjects in the lot of choices. There are such varied subjects that there is sure to be something for everyone. Some great books on robots and robotics, other science and many for the very beginner reader to more advanced middle school students.


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  • Scholastic BOOK FAIR

    Posted by Cheryl Weisenberger on 9/17/2016

    Greetings Parents and Guardians,

    Our Scholastic Book Fair is next week in case you wanted to see all of the choices of books first hand. I can attest to the fact that it is a Perfectly Presented for a book fair. Some things for sure will not last long. The prices are on the back for the most part. The Book Fair will be held in the McCleary Elementary library all week, M-F during school hours.

    Have fun exploring everyone!

    Miss Weisenberger


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